Secret to my success

The Secret to My Success

I made a life changing discovery when I was in college preparing to become a teacher. Working at a youth center, I learned that instead of worrying about how I was doing, I needed to concentrate on the needs of my students and focus on “how they were doing”. Now I do that for my clients. I take great pride in being a good listener and always representing everyone with honesty and dedication,

After college, I worked as a teacher until I paused to marry and raise three children. When I came back to full time work, I wanted to work with adults and chose to become a Realtor. That was more than 30 years ago and I still love what I do! I work as a teacher, but now I educate buyers & sellers to make good Real Estate decisions.

I am a top producer, recognized as a listing, sales, and relocation specialist (sometimes the top listing and/or sales leader in my office). With all of those accolades, I think my greatest achievement as a Realtor has been that my clients value my honesty, professionalism, care, and concern and refer me to their families and friends.  Almost all of my business comes from referrals from satisfied clients.

If you are comfortable that you want to work with me, we can meet and map out our personal strategy to proceed. I will give you “homework” and offer you a “how to buy or sell” manual that I wrote. It is filled with ideas to make your home sale and/or purchase go smoothly. I will describe the whole process and offer you answers to questions you may not even know you wanted to ask.  In the book, I also included lots of letters from past clients so you can evaluate what they say about me, and I tell you in great detail what I will do for you. My wonderful husband keeps reminding me to "Work hard, but also play hard” so I have also included what I do for fun so you can really get to know me.   As you will see, I love art and opera! That is why I say…

Opera Lady
Barbara Roseman For Real Estate Service You can Sing About