Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Looking for a Buyer is Like Fishing
My ads in print and on the internet are like the bait

Fisher Woman

I really caught that fish! Men who see the photo usually say "wow" Women who see it usually say "Who is the cute guy" He was our fishing guide in Maine.
Barbara Roseman is a good fisherman.  She really caught that fish and will use that expertise to sell your home. The bait Barbara uses to sell homes is a beautifully crafted portfolio of ads personalized for your home and designed to target market a likely buyer. Those ads will used to make in-home buyer books highlighting your home’s best features.  They will be featured in Chicago’s MRED Multiple Listing Service, in local print advertising, and on dozens of websites. Once a buyer is hooked, Barbara will use her years of professional expertise to guide and nurture the sale to a successful conclusion. 

Do you want to make a big splash or a dull thud?
Sitting for months with an unsold house benefits no one.  Cut your emotional ties and look at your house objectively. Buyers have a lot to pick from and they want what is best for them – they will not overpay.   Price your house to sell!
If you price your home correctly, you will have...
...a faster sale 
Competitively priced houses sell faster than overpriced houses.  35% of homes on the market never sell, but a house priced competitively is much less likely to end up in expired listings.
...less inconvenience
You will be continually cleaning and vacating the house for buyers who will look but are not likely to buy because other homes in that price range may offer more amenities.
...more prospects for your home
Sign calls and ad calls will get converted into showings.  Buyers will consider it a “good  deal” and return for second showings and at least consider writing an offer
...sales people who get excited
Realtors know their clients are price conscious and they will rush to call possible clients if they think the home is so well priced that it will sell quickly
...agents  showing to sell not just compare your home with more fairly priced homes
Agents like to show houses they think they can really sell.
...the possibility of higher offers
Buyers are less likely to offer low prices for fear of losing a good home to the competition. Statistically, a house that sells quickly will bring the highest sales price, and that amount will often decline as the time passes
...a higher net equity
You will net more both in terms of actual sale price and in lower carrying costs.
...the ability to move to your next home
Eight out of ten repeat home buyers sold their previous home before purchasing another home.  This shows the importance of competitive pricing for moving the house within a reasonable time to enable you to purchase another home.

Both agents and buyers show enhanced enthusiasm in a competitively priced house. Stay alert.  Even if you price correctly, the market is always changing and you may need to adjust your price accordingly.  Be flexible and listen to your Realtor®.

What can you do to help 

The 10 Commandments of Home Selling 

  1.   Thou shalt get rid of junk and clutter.

  2.   Thou shalt clean, freshen, and deodorize.

  3.   Thou shalt keep up thy yard.

  4.   Thou shalt make needed repairs.

  5.   Thou shalt remove pets & thyself from showings.

  6.   Thou shalt make the home say “welcome”.

  7.   Thou shalt be prepared with needed documents.

  8.   Thou shalt choose your Realtor based on credentials, not the price the Realtor   suggests.

  9.   Thou shalt cut emotional ties and price fairly.

  10.  Thou shalt trust thy Realtor.