Fun Surprising But True

Fun, Surprising but true....



Read these stories – Believe it or not - they are all true

AS A YOUNG WOMAN, I MADE A LIST OF WHAT I WANTED TO DO IN MY LIFETIME.  I said I wanted to be a teacher, to marry, and have children & grandchildren. I wanted to travel. I wanted to be an artist and exhibit my paintings. I wanted to be in an opera (even though I have a terrible voice) and I wanted to meet the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

I am now a successful Realtor who has sold over 430 houses in Chicago’s northern suburbs and I love to lead my clients through whole the buying and selling process.  I have even sold homes in towns I was seeing for the very first time because those buyers were more interested in having a Realtor they trusted, than in having someone who was local.

I am a great negotiator. You have to be with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I stay calm during crisis & find solutions rather than panic when the world goes crazy.

As a little girl, my gym teacher told me to never go into dark alley because I was such an inept runner.  I still am not athletic, but I am resilient and strong, tougher than I ever thought possible. Once on a trip to northern Canada, near the artic circle, I was chased by a real live arctic grizzly bear and lived to tell about it.

I am not afraid to try new things. That photo was me when I was a supernumerary in the opera Aida with Luciano Pavarotti. My mother said I looked like a Smurf, but I had FUN.  I also appeared in other operas. Once I fulfilled a lifelong dream when I played a Baroness onstage at Lyric Opera in The Gambler. My name was in the program, my photo in Opera News magazine, and they paid me not to sing.

As a former teacher, I am a good communicator and I listen as much as I talk. I still teach, but now I teach adults to make good housing choices. I use my intuition to tune in to what my clients want and need (those they not always the same), and I am sometimes able to direct them to housing options that they never realized would be a better match.  It was that kind of intuition that got Opera Winfrey to invite me to speak on her TV show. That is a long story but ask if you want more details.                                           


I love learning and sharing my knowledge.  Of the 2300 Realtors attending our national real estate convention, I was once asked to be a speaker on a panel of 3 Realtors explaining how I got 100% customer satisfaction ratings from my clients.

I have great tenacity and patience. I love fishing and once I caught a 35 lb, 42 inch striped bass. When I proudly showed that photo, the men were impressed, but ladies only wanted to know who the cute guy was (the fishing guide).  I often say that to find a buyer for a house I am selling, I must be like a fisherman and lure in that fish.

I am persuasive and persistent. When I was in college & wanted to spend a summer in Europe. My parents were horrified, but I convinced them to let me go if I paid for the entire trip.  They agreed never thinking that was possible. I worked at 3 jobs besides attending college and Europe was amazing!!!. I dream big and work hard.

I am creative. For fun, I paint and sell my watercolors. I know color and design, so I can help you stage your home and make it aesthetically pleasing. I also love todesign unique and clever marketing pieces to help sell my listings.  For each house I list, I create personalized booklets that highlight the home’s best features and neighborhood to convince buyers of the home’s value. I leave a stack of those books in the house so each buyer can take one. Both buyers and sellers love those books.  

I am honest, so I tell people what they need to hear, even if it’s not what they want to hear. I confess that I have even talked clients out of buying homes that were not a sound choice for them and told sellers that the timing was not right for them to sell.

A Denver based magazine was looking for “a successful and interesting Realtor” and they chose me. Someone submitted my name, and they sent a reporter and photographer and published a 5 page pictorial article about me in LORE Magazine.

I use technology but I would rather connect with people not just machines.  I will contact you often and help you make educated decisions. I am detail organized and know how to keep the paperwork flowing. Even after the transaction, I try to keep in touch with my clients. I appreciate their support, friendship, and referrals and I am so proud to reread my very large stack of Thank-you letters from satisfied clients.  I would be happy to show them all to you.

I HAVE FULFILLED MOST OF MY DREAMS except I never got to meet the Dalai Lama, but I was in the audience when he spoke at Loyola in Evanston. Do we ever get everything? Probably not, but I am still working hard and keeping hope alive. Sometimes not getting everything you want is for your own good - it keeps us all moving forward.